Creative Idea Module Workshop

12th & 13th April 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Mobile App Workshop as part of the RISK CHANGE project took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 12th and 13th April 2017

The aim of the Workshop was to share information and knowledge, co-creating and communicating through innovative methods such as the Creative Idea Module. The methodology leads to the solution of a problem through a combination of field and media inquiries, a workshop with creative brainstorming, an active debate and a presentation of final results.

The deliverable is to combine a multitude of solutions in a form of texts, sketches, drawings, mappings, mixed approaches, graphic presentations, montages for implementation into project communication approaches and tools.

The workshop was attended by one expert/representative from each partner country: Serbia, Hungary, United Kigdom, Slovenia, Netherlands, France, Malta and Croatia.

Project: RISK Change
Date: 13.04.2017