Integration of migrants in Malta

Tuesday, 2nd May 2017

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta

The Intercultural Dialogue Seminar as part of the Working Roma Project, which is imple-mented by FOPSIM (Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion in Malta) took place at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta, on the 2nd of May, 2017 in collaboration with the Mi-grant Women Association Malta.

The main objective of the seminar was to talk about migrants integration to labour market and the difficulties they face as well as the opportunities they might have. Furthermore, the participating institutions made relevant statements and discussed the needs of the migrants, their goals and hopes regarding their accessibility to labour market and Maltese society as whole. Problems that exist in the governmental and societal system where also stressed and suggestions were given on how to improve them

The opening statement was done by the President of Malta, Ms Marie-Louise Coleiro Pre-ca. Ms Coleiro Preca who underlined the need to integrate migrants and the positive ef-fects this will have to the society. She expressed her intention to take further action on the issue in Governmental level. Last but not least, she introduced the main objectives, goals and work of her foundation, the Presidents Foundation for Integration in Malta.

Following the President's statement, Ms H.E. G. Kathleen Hill speech took place. Ms Kath-leen Hill is the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Malta. The US Embassy in Malta has of-fered an important contribution to migrants inclusion and Ms Hill highlighted the most im-portant issues regarding integration and expressed the US Embassy's aspiration to keep working with Maltese Organisations to this end.

Next was presented a video-message by Ms Miriam Dali, Member of the European Parlia-ment (MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament). Ms Dali expressed the importance of such projects and initiatives that pro-mote integration and multiculturalism.

After Ms Dali gave her wishes for the success of the seminar, Ms Sara McGuire, Project Manager presented FOPSIM. FOPSIM's main objective is to promote social inclusion in Malta. Therefore, FOPSIM undertakes actions to this end, like the 'Working Roma' Project, seeking to promote inclusion in all levels of the Maltese Society.

Thereafter, Ms Fjoralba Kodrasi, Project Officer at FOPSIM, offered an insight on the role of FOPSIM in the Working Roma Project. As one of the main partners in the project, FOPSIM was responsible for research, dissemination and implementation of activities. FOPSIM has organised several activities related to skills lessons for migrants (like basic, communicational, and basic business English language courses, CV and interview prepara-tion sessions, and tailoring lessons). FOPSIM has paved the way for Migrant Women Asso-ciation Malta to continue those training activities and initiatives which are successful sus-tained by the Association. Afterwards, Ms Umayma Elamin Amer, President of the Migrant Women Association Malta, explained the cause of the Association and highlighted the im-portance of the Working Roma project to their association.

The Seminar continued with a number of presentations regarding the initiatives and pro-jects for different partners from civil society sector and discussions on the integration of migrants and in particular migrant women in the labour market.

The seminar ended with a small music show of slit drum by a Sudanese migrant performer, Mr Mohammed Ahmed, who played traditional folk music enhancing the diversity and cul-tural exchange within Malta.

Project: Working Roma
Date: 2.05.2017